SanoMed – Wound Care Australia

SanoMed, is the Australian supplier of Sanoskin products, which help with a range of ailments from skin conditions to wound care. 

Our products help young Australians with skin conditions, such as acne, and also support those people living with long-term conditions and chronic diseases, which may require chronic wound management.

The SanoSkin products have undergone rigorous research and testing to ensure that they provide the skin with the optimal environment to aid healing. SanoMed’s philosophy is centred around using natural products, free of active ingredients, antibiotics and other medications. 

The antibacterial properties inhibit the growth of bacteria, whilst the natural ingredients provide a moist healing environment.

History on the SanoMed Products

SanoMed Manufacturing BV are the producers of the Sanoskin products and were founded in Belgium back in August 2006. They have been dedicated to promoting excellence and innovation in wound care through their unique and versatile products. 

The founder, Jan Vandeputte, is a Registered Nurse with more than 25 years of experience in hospitals, committees and European associations. In addition he is recognised as a wound care expert and has conducted research on several topics regarding the properties of honey in wound healing.

The Sanoskin products are available in Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA and now we are both proud and excited to be able to offer these in Australia!

Why choose us?​

SanoMed provides a range of products based on natural ingredients (honey and olive oil). Each of our ointments combines three properties, the osmotic, autolytic and bacteriostatic, in one single product. 

The thorough and well-researched sterilisation process of the ointments, namely ozonation, enhances the natural defense of the skin, whilst creating an optimal moist environment for wound healing. 

We strive to deliver excellence through constant research in the field of wound care, in order to produce innovative medical devices to support your wound care needs.

Our Products

• Are natural

• Create a moist healing environment

• Are biodegradable

• Contain honey and olive oil which are ozonated (something that allows the beneficial ingredients exist in the ointments and not be destroyed)

• Enhance the healing process whilst creating and maintaining an optimal environment

• Are cost-effective

Our Vision

We will continue to journey toward our vision of providing quality wound care products that are universally acknowledged for their outstanding standard and exceptional performance.

Our Mission

As we look to each new year, our mission remains the foundation for our plans.

We are committed to providing cutting edge natural products and constant services so that the wound care needs of individuals are met and their quality of life is improved.